Natalie Taylor is a writer specializing in lifestyle; specifically travel and food. Her writing and social media expertise has led to opportunities building social media platforms for brands like George Brown College and Thomas Cook Travel. In past lives, Natalie was  a travel agent and had a career in Human Resources Management in the consulting and financial industries. 

She has written for international publications include National Geographic Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure, Afar Magazine, and the Globe and Mail. You can find her work in the portfolio section. Her portfolio has led to content marketing work with brands such as RBC, Mastercard, and Del Suites (Real Estate). In 2013, she was commissioned by Toronto Tourism to write over 23 fact sheets for media and update their website content. You’ll see her as a contributor on Toronto Tourism’s website. If you’d like to work together, please get in touch!

As a child, Natalie dreamed of distant lands. Since she was a curious bookworm, her father gave her a subscription to National Geographic Kids and would send postcards of koalas and kangaroos from his work trips in Australia. In 2013, she hugged one of those koalas and roamed with the ‘roos she saw on those postcards. In 2015, she was commissioned to write the chapter on Canada for National Geographic’s book, Abroad at Home

In 2015, Natalie was featured as a travel expert for the show Fabulocity in which its host, Adamo Ruggiero (of Degrassi High fame) showed her Prince Edward Island. She ate copious amounts of lobster, as a result. (Prince Edward Island is one of Canada’s most underrated provinces in her humble opinion.) She has been featured on CTV and spoke on social media –how to work with influencers and how travel agents can effectively market through social media– at the Ontario Southwest Tourism conference (March, 2017) and Travel Marketplace (June, 2017).

If you need crisp copy, customized content, or a “jill of all trades” to work on your digital branding or a travel expert to be featured at your conference or in media, please get in touch!


1. Where are you from? I was born and raised in Toronto. I have been commissioned for many guides and my expertise on “The Six” and often play tour guide for visitors.

2. What’s your favourite country? My favourite country is Australia. Every travel writer says they can’t choose or that their favourite place is “home.” I do agree with this statement to a certain extent, but once I visited the land of Oz, it felt like I was at home.  Australia offers a mix of cosmopolitan cities with vast landscapes; quirky animals and Crocodile Dundee-esque accents. I also love: Paris, Greece, Italy, Taiwan, Bermuda, New York, and Quebec. 

3. Where would you like to go next? 

I often quote Susan Sontag who has said, “I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list.” That said, I would love to go to Buenos Aires and explore the rest of South America. 

4. What would your last meal be? The “last supper” would be my mother’s four-cheese lasagne; my Maltese grandmother’s patizzis; and a homemade chocolate cake from Betty Crocker because life is too short. I could speak for a few hours on my favourite food and restaurants in Toronto. (I love food.) 

5. Where should I eat and what should I do in Toronto? 

Please check my guides. I would ask you: what type of food/cuisine or meal are you looking for? What are your interests and what have you done on a past trip that you really enjoyed? 

If you would like to hire me to create a customized guide for you based on your interests, please get in touch! 

Bonus Question!

6. What else should we know about you? 

I love to cook, run, bike, and read. One of my greatest accomplishments was when I completed a professional cooking school course and learned knife skills. Knife skills = Life Skills! You can usually find me sharing my recipe finds, run locations, and book recommendations on Instagram. Let’s connect!  

Top Photo: Arienne Parzei